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Mom’s are consuming media differently. It’s no surprise that newspapers are on the decline and digital media is growing. In ten years, from 1998 to 2008, the percentage of the adult population online has grown from 46% to 75%.

Not only are consumers online in ever increasing numbers, they are using digital media in new and significant ways that affect how they shop. Data supports that 83% of shoppers make their purchase decisions at home, with 64% of them making a list.

So when John Morrell reached out to us to work with them to get trial on a new product at Walmart, we focused on digital media to get the word out using a time and cost efficient channel.

Through banner ads on Yahoo and, we reached millions of incremental consumers online before they shopped driving them to the John Morrell brand website with a high-value BOGO coupon offer to generate new product trial, and to prevent brand switching and share erosion.

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