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With consumers looking to stretch their budget as far as possible, it’s no surprise that nearly 43% percent of grocery purchases were sold on promotion last year (Nielsen, October 2009). With that in mind, we created a multi-faceted consumer promotion, Oktoberfest, to introduce Kretschmar’s new line of Black Forest deli products.

It was a natural tie-in to both the German heritage of the brand and the new product line. To ensure success, we engaged retail partners with a promo kit covering all components of the campaign and generating excitement around the promotion.

Additionally, we were challenged to expand this product launch in key target areas. Our solution, to partner with regional Oktoberfest events to expand awareness for the Kretschmar brand and the new line of deli products, to secure additional sponsorship opportunities, advertising media, and to generate tie-ins with local retailers through in-store point of sale, product sampling and high-value coupons to encourage trial and purchase!

In the end, this promotion significantly increased awareness for the brand and the new product line in over 5,000 retail locations and connected with over 500,000 consumers both in-store and at regional events. Through this promotion the brand was able to achieve success with both retail customers and consumers.

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