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Kretschmar entered the rapidly growing specialty cheese category last year with its introduction of a new line of eight artisan cheese varieties. Knowing that consumers shy away from unfamiliar cheeses if they don’t know what they taste like and aren’t sure they’ll like them, we created a sampling program that offered four of the eight varieties to be sampled in-store.

To ensure success at the store level, we developed a sampling kit to excite the sales team as well as the retailer about the event. The kit included a counter card, a demo coupon with high-value coupon, cheese variety tags, and product information to educate facilitators to ensure successful implementation.

To communicate the premium quality of the product, we created visuals that reflected the look, tone, and feel that consumers expect from premium quality gourmet cheeses. Our use of a handwritten type style in point-of-sale pieces conveyed an authentic, personal touch, associated with high-end entertaining.

At the end of the program, store participation exceeded expectations with many retailers experiencing four times average daily sales, to which we say, Bon Appétit!

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